Team Interviews

Team Interview – Carlos Antunes

Carlos Antunes is a Computer Science and Engineering student at Instituto Superior Técnico who is interested in Enterprise Systems and front-end development. He is currently the most recent member to join Studentlab PT as a Software Developer.

In his spare time, Carlos likes to read about science and technology, search for and listen to new songs, attend festivals and concerts and play the occasional soccer game with his friends.

You are our most recent member, why did you want to join us in the first place?

Before joining Studentlab I had been thinking for some time about how could be the best way for me to have a first professional experience. While we learn a lot of things in the University and we do work on some interesting projects, I wanted to experience what it is like to work in a real-life project with a real client, real milestones and a real goal to reach.

So eventually, when I saw that Studentlab was recruiting new members and after investigating a little bit about the organization and its projects, I knew that I couldn’t let this opportunity pass. Not only was Studentlab perfect for me to learn and be part of a real-life project but it is also an organization formed by students – which is always a plus since it offers a more relatable work environment. So, I didn’t even hesitate and applied for the recruitment phase and, thankfully, I got in.

What do you seek to learn during your stay with us?

I hope I can not only gain technical software development knowledge and skills but also learn and get to experience all the different phases of working on a project: from the early client meetings to the conceptual modeling phase to the final software implementation phase. I will of course also try to learn as much as possible from the other Studentlab members and improve some of my soft skills like teamwork and critical thinking.

From what you have experienced until today, do you feel that you have made the right decision?

Absolutely! Even though I still haven’t done much for Studentlab, I have already learned a lot from the team meetings and the little tasks that I have done. Everyone has been very helpful to me and all the organization members seem like very talented, fun and nice people.

Where do you see yourself in our organization in one year from now?

Well, as I said, first I want to learn as much as possible, that is the number one goal. So, if in a year from now I have a clear vision and understanding of what it means to work in a real-life project and how Studentlab as an organization works, I think it would already be very positive and I hope I can achieve that.

Another reason I wanted to join Studentlab, was to feel like my skills are useful and that I can have an important role in a team. So, in a year from now, I want to have provided and created value for the organization. I think that would be very positive as well.

All our projects are composed of teams. What does it mean to you to work and to be part of a team?

To work as part of a team means that you are part of a set of different individuals working together to achieve the same goal. This means that, as a team, you can create something larger and more complex in less time, you can formulate and share different solutions to a problem which then allows you to discuss the best course of action to take, and, of course, you can also help and get help from another team member if needed, which is always useful if you are a new and less experienced member. So, in the end, I hope I can give my contribute to the team and be a useful member.

Fun Fact — If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?

Well, I could ask a very deep and philosophical question but, in the end, I think I would prefer to ask a more practical and useful question. I would probably ask how I could make every moment of my life meaningful to improve myself and the life of the people around me. Maybe the answer could show me the way to become the best version of myself and be able to help others in the best way I can!