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The will to learn more and put into practice the acquired knowledge.  

University students

 Our team has students from the best Portuguese universities.

Guaranteed Competitiveness

Competitive prices with the guarantee of quality student manpower. 


Why Studentlab?

Studentlab Portugal offers clients the possibility of contacting with students from one of the best Portuguese universities. The team aims to participate in real projects, both to put into practice the knowledge acquired theoretically, and to learn and develop more their skills in the real world of work.




Our Services


Web Development

Web Development

We offer Web Development services in the most modern and sought after technologies.


Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Mobile development is a passion of our team.


Design & UX/UI

Design & UX/UI

Our team counts on specialists in the field that make real what you imagine.


Business Analytics

Business Analytics

As a result of our partnership with the Swiss company Serwise AG, we offer Business Analytics services.




Clients & Partners

These are some of the customers and partners of Studentlab Portugal. We seek to establish bridges by providing the best possible service.