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Studentlab Portugal

Studentlab Portugal is a project of Infra Support Ibéria Lda formed exclusively by students with an entrepreneurial spirit who seek to develop projects for the real technological world during their study period. This project originated in Switzerland (Studentlab AG) and arrived in Portugal through the partner company of Studentlab Portugal, Serwise AG. The goal is to give student team members experience and opportunities for learning and growth with participation in real projects in order to acquire new knowledge and use them in future projects. As it includes students with different interests, it is able to offer diversified services not only as a result of the knowledge acquired by the students, but also through its partnership with Serwise AG.

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What our partners and customers say about us:

  • “We were positively surprised about the theoretical skill set that every student brought to the table. IST Instituto Superior Técnico Lisbon does apparently a great job in providing broad and deep know how to its students. We benefit a lot in the practical project work.”
    Frank IhringerSerwise AG